Canon Breaks New Ground in the Large Format Production CAD Market with the New imagePROGRAF TZ Series

The imagePROGRAF TZ series make their debut as the fastest in the Canon production CAD line up, alongside the next generation imagePROGRAF TX series with improved features

SINGAPORE, 1 April 2021 — Canon today announced the new imagePROGRAF TZ-5300 series and next generation imagePROGRAF TX-5310 and TX-5410 series large format printers. The new TZ range crowns the tree of production CAD printers in the Canon large format printer family, driven by high-speed inkjet engines on top of a wide palette of security options and multiple media handling options. A seamless production workflow completes the mix, aiding in precision printing of Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) data. The new TX series come close on the heels of the TZ models, extending the already excellent offerings in the previous generation and adding improved speeds and media detection technologies.

High Speed, Productivity and Seamless Workflow Management: The imagePROGRAF TZ-5300 and TZ-5300 MFP Z36

To meet the on-demand and higher print frequency requirements in the production CAD and GIS markets, the new TZ-5300 series feature industry-leading quick first print performance of just 19 seconds for A1 printouts. With the adoption of twin motors driving print head scanning, the TZ series is able to push print speeds up-to 4 pages per minute for A1 printouts, with the dual roll feed design, automated roll loading and detection adding points for productivity.

The TZ-5300 series appearance marks a break from the rest of the Canon large format printer line up with a new two-level console body chassis. This integrated, compact design with a Top Delivery Tray adds to the good looks of the TZ-5300 series, allowing them to fit in seamlessly in offices, looking smart while not out-of-place. This new design also houses compartments to load two rolls of paper simultaneously to support continuous printing, and the paper loading process could not be any more convenient – all that is needed is for a user to load a paper roll from the front, and the printer assumes total responsibility for detection of media type, length, and width; all of which would have required substantial operator expertise to set up on any other competing device. Highly visual LED indicators on the printer body also serve to inform remaining roll paper while minimising user interaction with the operation panel and improving supplies management in the process.

Hot-swap of roll paper – a Canon first – is also supported, allowing a depleted second roll to be replaced even when the other roll is used for in printing, reducing time spent for paper replenishment and setup.

Output goes to the Top Delivery Tray that can hold up to 100 A0-size sheets face-down, lending not merely a capacity to keep volume prints neatly organised, but also an additional layer of security in restricted access zones typical of architectural, engineering, government and manufacturing environments. For longer, heavier media other than plain papers, printouts can be delivered to a basket at the front. The availability of large 700 ml ink tanks provide buffer against frequent ink-low or out scenarios, and the option to hot-swap ink tanks during printing prevents print jobs stalling even when a particular ink colour is depleted.

The TZ series is also available in a multifunction device configuration in the imagePROGRAF TZ-5300 MFP Z36, featuring a new fully integrated design and smaller footprint compared to other models in the line-up. The embedded 64-bit Windows 10 Enterprise operating system facilitates printer management and maintenance from the expansive 15.6” multi-touch colour display, as well as scan-and-print operations.

Pushing Advances in Speed, Productivity, and Media Handling: Canon imagePROGRAF TX Series

The new imagePROGRAF TX series feature advances in quick start-up and continuous high-speed printing at up to 3.2 pages per minute A1 CAD. Media handling is also improved, with automatic media type and width detection allowing users to just load a paper roll and let the printer take over the rest of media set up. Remaining roll length detection is another added bonus, allowing more precise supplies management for outfits with high print demands. To meet the demands for uninterrupted volume printing, hot swap of ink tanks is also supported.

For high-volume jobs, the new TX series support a dual roll paper feeding and high-capacity ink tanks of up to 700 ml, enabling up to 350 metres of printing from two rolls of the same media. The excellent media handling on the TX series extends to the option to switch between two rolls of different media types, as well as an optional front stacker that can hold up to 100 A0 prints.

To support scan-and-print operations, the TX series are also available in multifunction device configurations in the TX-5310 MFP Z36 and TX-5410 MFP Z36, making use of the same scanner unit as that on the TZ series.

Seamless Processing Workflow and Integration with Existing Fleets: Direct Print Plus Job Submission Software, and Canon Production Printing Driver Select with Publisher Select Applications

Canon has also developed a new Direct Print Plus (DP Plus) job submission software to reinforce a seamless processing workflow. The new DP Plus software can handle batch printing on multiple file formats, perform drag-and-drop shortcut printing, retrieve media information from the printer, speed up the rendering process to achieve precise communication with the printer to avoid media mismatch and other misprints. The TZ series and TX series are also compatible with the Canon Production Printing (CPP) Driver Select and CPP Publisher Select desktop applications to manage and submit complex sets of documents to one or more printers at a time. All these advances come together to create a seamless workflow to keep business going on while minimising downtime.

Unparalleled Print Quality and Weather Resistance: LUCIA TD Pigment Inks

The new imagePROGRAF TZ and TX Series feature five-colour, full pigment LUCIA TD inks to deliver impressive line sharpness fine lines and edge-to-edge colours with remarkably reduced bleeding even on uncoated papers. The LUCIA TD inks offer high water and weather resistance and are fully compatible with Canon’s water-resistant media.

Secure Document Handling: Encrypted Hard Disk with Secure PIN Printing and Secure Erase

It is possible to erase specific print data, or even all print data from the encrypted hard disk drive for the imagePROGRAF TZ and TX series on completion of print jobs, making it virtually impossible to recover overwritten data and enhancing data confidentiality. The printers also support encrypted PIN printing, holding print jobs until access to jobs are granted via the front control panels.